EP37 – Ron Battles Pt. 1
October 1, 2014


    EP37 – Ron Battles – Part 1

    Blackrapid’s founder Ron Henry faced a hard truth late 2013 when he was diagnosed with Cancer.  This is about his journey through the process from start to finish. He kept it private for almost a year and this is the first time he has gone public. This is Part 1 which takes us from diagnosis to post surgery.

    Notes from Ron:

    “In the mirror of the hospital’s waiting room.. I see an old lady sitting in a wheel chair, her daughter waits with her. I see the sadness of the caregiving daughter who has taken her mothers sickly energy and begins to look similar in body posture and frumpiness of not caring anymore. Her life was to keep her mother alive.It was pretty much silent as they sat together with no conversation except for when the daughter wanted to go to the rest room and leave her for a minute. She told her three times I will be back you’ll be ok. Then she left and was back as if she hurried her break not to be gone long. Her mother sat silent when she returned as if she really never knew her daughter left.

    I see myself in the mirror with dated floral furniture and a 20 year old photo of Seattle as if this was to keep my spirits high and my mind off of this why i was there –

    I can smell the dying mother from the far corner of the room where I stood. I was hoping soon she would be wheeled away to see the doctor so I can take a normal breath again. This is not me in the mirror I manifest cool things and great adventures. I have no more holes in my belt to cinch it any tighter. This is a day to be in the sun that shines through the dirty 18th floor window with its grand view of the city. I have my dog that brings me happiness staying with a friend in Bellevue so I can talk about how to beat this thing. I feel this is not me- this is not my story. When i finally wrap my head around this – It will not be the end – it will be a chapter and short chapter at best.”