BlackRapid Sound Mixes Audio for “Metal Bum”

BlackRapid Media is proud to sponsor gifted 3D animator and filmmaker Daniel Kim and his short film “Metal Bum.”

Metal Bum is a  short on the epidemic of turf warfare between unemployed robots and street musicians in urban America. Down on its luck, an obsolete robot turns to panhandling on the streets. One day it finds itself competing with a skillful street guitarist for precious donations.

“For this project, we teamed up with the director to create a sound scape that seamlessly blends between the two worlds of silent film, and film noir action. You’ll notice the sound comes in and out in a surrealistic fashion to heighten tension at the right moment.” – B.Laina, Sound Designer

Metal Bum is slated to screen at regional short festivals soon , for more info visit:

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