DIRT MAGAZINE “Won’t Back Down” Review

The Film Of The Year Reviewed: Won’t Back Down – The Life And Times Of Steve Peat

Words by Mike Rose

Almost 40 years in the making, Won’t Back Down is the new film (that is due for release this spring) by Clay Porter and John Lawlor about living legend Steve Peat. Where to start? I’ve watched this film twice now, and on both occasions I have been blown away by it. I come away thinking about all sorts of things – I feel better for it, I feel like I have learned something, and I feel that I’ve just been watching part of my life… well not my life, but we all live vicariously through Steve Peat… don’t we!? You know what I mean though. Peaty embodies all that is good about mountainbiking. Anyone who is a fan of downhill racing and this mag will have been through the highs and lows of Steve Peat’s career. Those moments of sheer joy, and plenty of moments of absolute pain.

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