About BlackRapid Media

Music, photography and video creation are my personal passions and embrace what BlackRapid is all about.

– Ron Henry, Founder of BlackRapid.​


BlackRapid Media is about connecting through the power of media. BlackRapid began by providing the Original Camera Sling™ for photographers turning the camera world upside down. As we grow, we want to share our world with you. To do that, we’ve created BlackRapid Media.


We are creating and collaborating with athletes and filmmakers to bring you captivating documentaries and films. Capturing content that inspires us and giving you a behind the scenes look in the BlackRapid world with our friends, photography, and charity work.


We’re also creating a royalty free music library for your film and commercial projects. With styles from Classic Rock to Dub-Step, to Orchestral Score: our music will be available for you to use in any creative project – Royalty Free, No Hassles. We also specialize in custom film scores. We have a staff of Composers ready to add score to your film, commercial, or any project in need of unique  professionally produced music.


BlackRapid Founder and photographer Ron Henry talks with photo pros, artists and world travelers about life, inspiration, gear and techniques.

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